Official Ultra HD Test Center

BluFocus is a recognized Test Center for the below standards groups

  • Blu-ray Disc Association

  • UHDA (Ultra HD Alliance)


UHD Blu-ray

The new Ultra HD Blu-ray format provides many new features and capabilities that were not available previously. All of these new features introduce the potential for new issues.

  • New Authoring Systems
  • New Disc Manufacturing
  • New Disc Capacities (up to 100G)
  • New Hardware Devices
  • New Interfaces (HDMI, etc.)
  • New Features (HDR, HFR, color space, etc.) 
  • Optional Features (Dolby Vision, etc.)
  • New Displays

In order to ensure the quality of the content and make sure the consumer has a great viewing experience, BluFocus has developed its unique software analysis plans and scenarios

  • HDR & SDR Playback
  • Qualitative and Technical Video analysis
  • Functionality 
  • Compatibility

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UHD bLU-RAY certification and compliance

BluFocus is an official UHD Blu-ray Test Center for the BDA (Blu-Ray Disc Association) offering the following:

  • Movie Player Verification
  • Application Software Verification
  • Commercial Audiovisual Content Verification

UHD Consumer Compatibility Program

BluFocus is offering a service utilizing its unique position in the Industry as a Certified Test Center for various associations, its CE Manufacturer relationships, and its engineering background, to assist during the introduction of the 4K/UHD formats for Blu-ray, Digital and Broadcast. We will not only help identify potential issues between different hardware setups, but also assist in the communication between test companies, authoring facilities, CE manufacturers, marketing departments, etc. as needed through an online anonymous repository of all issues encountered. 

The UHD Consumer Compatibility Program will provide content owners, display manufacturers, and others involved in the Ultra HD ecosystem with a means of verifying and analyzing their product/s through a multitude of scenarios at different stages during development and also after its release to market. This allows the product owner to verify its operation through many different hardware configurations based on market penetration, performance and capabilities.

As the Ultra HD format and ecosystem continues to develop, BluFocus will add more displays, receivers and playback devices to the matrix and create additional scenarios for usage in the program.   

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