BluFocus analyzes and delivers digital media content during all stages of production, in addition to the hardware/software and technologies used for playback, to ensure compliance with Industry specifications and overall quality. 

BluFocus applies proven services for video and audio quality to ensure excellence in mastering, encoding and transcoding for a variety of intended formats. 

Our intent is to provide content owners, producers and creators a means to ensure consumers receive a picture and sound presentation with the detail and definition that is faithful to the filmmaker’s vision and is free of any issues introduced through any mastering, encoding or transcoding processes.

Digital Content Encodes and Transcodes

Through any phase of encoding/transcoding for digital media content, BluFocus ensures that content is of the best quality. 


               BluFocus Qualification Program for Digital Content

               BluFocus Qualification Program for Digital Content

BluFocus Qualification

BluFocus has developed a proprietary processes for analyzing and qualifying digital media content utilizing a blend of manual and automated methodologies with leading industry tools and proprietary BluFocus developed software tools. 

BluFocus at key points during the production cycle of digital content allows BluFocus to perform quality inspections while running more efficiently thus being more cost effective and pro.  

time based graphics - SUBTITLES/CC/Localization

Using automated and manual processes, BluFocus delivers accurate time-based subtitle files to ensure:

  • Timing
  • Coordinate placement
  • Translation

Commercial Breakpoint Creation and Delivery

Automated detection using proprietary tools to identify timecode for commercial break insertions.  Finalized files are delivered with BluFocus approved TC's ready for OTT platform playback to consumers. 


Digital Retail Storefronts & Online Video Platforms  

Video business applications running on smart tv's, set top boxes, etc. require in depth analysis to comply with industry standards and expected functionality, etc.  

  • Functionality 
  • User Experience and interactivity
  • Compatibility and Playability with browsers, systems, devices, etc. 
  • Redemption/transaction response rates 
  • Metadata Verification and creation
  • Content Verification

Ensuring that your storefront is working and implemented properly is of utmost importance.  Insert BluFocus into any phase of production either before deployment or after for ongoing maintenance for optimal performance.