A complete and thorough examination of your Blu-ray or DVD project will include the following services:

Using automated and manual software tools and processes, analysis of individual elements prior to the integration into builds. 

  • Audio - encoded outputs verifying channel configurations, Dolby Atmos implementation, bitrates, etc. 
  • Video - master, encode and compression file analysis both technical and subjective using software and manual processes
  • Subtitles - Review and creation of subtitle files focusing on timing, placement, translations, etc.  

Additional areas of focus:

  • Compatibility: Today’s market consists of many different players, each varying in performance from the other. As a result, it is not uncommon to see a disc work properly on one player, and not even load on another. Compatibility testing will ensure that the disc is completely functional on all players.  
  • Audio/Video/Subtitles: We review and adjust the audio, video and subtitle content of your disc using a very deliberate and comprehensive approach for the following:
    • Audio and sub sync issues
    • Digital hits or A/V dropouts
    • Localization issues
    • Subtitle issues, including corruption, placement, translations, etc.
  • Menu navigation and functionality: For every button on every page, we perform extensive analysis to ensure that navigation to and from each direction occurs properly, without fail. We also confirm, using proprietary tools and methodologies, that buttons execute as intended. In addition, we verify that none of the navigation and functionality can be made to fail through any disc operations. 
  • Verification and Analysis: With so many players on the market and compatibility being such a big issue, the need for disc verification is vital. We offer verification using the Sony, Panasonic and Mitsubishi tools, which are the industry standards. This process confirms and ensures that authored discs are within the Blu-ray specification. Our analysis service is a thorough review of the verifier-generated report that provides assistance in understanding the issues, along with some possible solutions.