BluFocus applies proven services for video and audio to ensure excellence in mastering and encoding for a variety of intended formats. 

Our intent is to provide content owners, producers and creators a means to ensure consumers receive a picture and sound presentation with the detail and definition that is faithful to the filmmaker’s vision and is free of any issues introduced through any mastering, encoding or transcoding processes.

BluFocus ensures that the sound and picture are of the best possible quality and are absent of any issues introduced during different stages of production.  


Picture and Sound quality is tested for the below formats and technologies:

  •  4K/UHD, SD, HD, 3D

    • Digital Cinema (DPX, DCP, etc.)
    • Mezzanine/Master File (J2K, ProRes, etc.)
      • Tape Based
      • File Based
    • Optical Media (Blu-ray, DVD)
    • Digital File (intended for Streaming, VOD, Download, etc.)
      • Encoded
      • Transcoded


The audio elements meet studio reference levels and remain faithful to the master recordings.  


The movie's visual images will retain the sharpness and detail of the original master video elements.  The result of all of this work is a pristine viewing experience, free of digital artifacts. 

THX Certification and 3D THX/BluFocus Certification has been featured on some of the world’s most popular feature films such as Avatar, Titanic, Indiana Jones, Terminator 2, and others.