BluFocus and Home Entertainment anti-piracy and security technologies. 

BD+ Technology - Official and Sole ECE (Eligible Certification Entity ECE)

BluFocus is the permanent ECE facility to conduct BD+ verification for all movie titles released worldwide. BD+ is a proprietary encryption mechanism that is implemented by encrypting data on a BD-ROM disc. The data is then unencrypted by the BD player through a BD+ application running on the player. 

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Verance/Cinavia - Official and Sole Test Center

BluFocus partnered with Verance to offer to fully support implementation of Cinavia technology onto hardware and software.   Using proprietary tools and processes, BluFocus runs verification and certification of Blu-ray Disc players and recorders employing the Cinavia standard for protection of filmed entertainment content.

Verance first offered Cinavia certification and verification services in 2011 to assist consumer electronics manufacturers in ensuring compliance with industry requirements.  These services decrease manufacturer cost, effort and time-to-market while increasing assurance of compliance with license obligations and consumer satisfaction in product deployments.  More than 35 brand owners, manufacturers, software vendors, and chip providers, embraced the Cinavia testing program which is fee-free for Cinavia Preferred Partner Program members.

AACS - Official ACE (Authorized Certification Entity) Test Center

BluFocus is a AACS Authorized Certification Entity (ACE) which conducts compliance analysis on AACS Licensed Products to ensure Compliance Rule requirements.

The AACS specification provides the ability for consumers to enjoy exciting, new, flexible entertainment experiences and storage options, while continuing to provide the traditional, straightforward playback mode, for prerecorded and recordable optical media such as Blu-ray. Additionally, AACS is designed to create unprecedented portability and security for entertainment content to be enjoyed on networked home, portable PC or CE devices.